Cultivating Playfulness
Online Learning Journey

Welcome to the Cultivating Playfulness online course!

This is an exciting journey into the heart of playfulness and I'm very happy you've already made it this far.

The course is a gift, this doesn't mean it's free, it means that you can decide how much you wish to donate.
It's Pay What Feels Right to You, it's an invitation to really feel what is right for you,
giving what I'm offering value that depends on your financial situation, on how generous your feeling  on the value of this work for you.
My initial aim is to raise funds to get to the CounterPlay Festival in Denmark.

We're attempting at using the model of Gift as proposed by the author of Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein.
The details for making the donation and the password for the course will arrive soon in an email.
Please select email in the "Marketing Permissions" section to receive emails about this course.

Thank you I'm really excited :)
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