It can be really TRICKY getting packed lunches just right!
It’s hard to strike a balance between what your kids like and what's good for them.

It’s easy fall into the rut of REPETITION just because you know it works

It’s DIFFICULT to get your children to try new foods

It’s FRUSTRATING when your children leave the unwanted bits in the bottom of the box

There are pictures of perfect lunch boxes all over the web

But you know your children aren't going to touch those


You don’t have enough
TIME to make all those bits from scratch

And all you want is…




So that your children don't come out of school hungry

So that they are NOURISHED enough to concentrate on their afternoon lessons

So you don't have to make ham sandwiches with the crusts cut off every day for evermore

So that you're providing PROPER BALANCED LUNCHES

That your children eat, and enjoy eating YAY!

What you need is a plan - and some inspiration! 


A plan to escape from the daily repetition of preparing the same old lunches

And to get your kids on your side

Maybe they'll even help you? 

A plan so that you don't have to make packed lunches every day 

New routines and systems and tried and tested recipes that work! 

Without you falling out of love with preparing meals for your family because it’s so BORING and REPETITIVE and sometimes FRUITLESS trying to GET THE KIDS TO EAT NEW, WHOLESOME AND NOURISHING FOODS, darn it!


Don’t panic! I have lovely news
I’ve got just what you need.

It’s my




And it’s going to change your day to day family life.


Here’s why......

You’ll think differently. You’ll act differently.
You might even start to enjoy making packed lunches again!

You will get access to four modules in a private online place. These are yours to keep - you can download them, print them, stick them on the fridge or keep them in a pretty folder - use them however you best work.You'll also automatically become a member of a private and supportive online Facebook group of parents just like you  - here you can share problems, ask for advice, get inspiration from others, share ideas and most importantly share your triumphs!  

There are changes you need to make to your family routines if you are going to get out of your current situation.
Learning about these changes and putting them into practice is best done in
small manageable steps which is why I've divided the content up into smaller steps. You can take this as slowly as you like, it will all still be here waiting for you.


You have a family to run, after all. 

We’re going to cover ALL THESE THINGS:

Module 1 
Getting the family on-side
In this module we will work out ways of getting your family to work with you as a team. We'll start by auditing your current packed lunches, find out what works and what doesn't, what the kids like and don't like and how that fits in with your visions. Don't worry, I'll provide you with all the tools you'll need to complete this awesome step. You'll share your views as a family and make an agreement on how you'll make it happen together. I'll share with you some tools and information to help educate your family on what makes a balanced meal so that your children can also start to take some responsibility for health. 

Module 2 

Getting organised
We'll look at planning packed lunches to suit your family's schedules, what and how to make things in batches ahead, how and where to cut corners, buying in bulk and I'll introduce you to your new best friend... the freezer. I'll share with you the tools I use to keep myself organised and one step ahead of my hungry family. These include, worksheets, planners and meal balance checker tools.
We'll get you so organised that you will have new time on your hands to do some fun stuff with the family 

Module 3 

Get making
I'll share my tried and tested recipes.
Not only have I made them many times, but my children have road tested them and 
stamped with their seal of approval too.  
There are recipe bundles for:

Hot packed lunches 
Cold lunch products 
 Salad pots
Sandwich combinations
 Sweet but wholesome treats
Bits n bobs that can't be categorised!

These are printable recipe cards.
 I've also included videos of me making some of them because sometimes it's just easier to see it being done! 

Module 4 
Stay inspired
Once you're up and running with the recipe bundles form Module 3, you'll want to start fiddling with the recipes to make them suit you and the individual tastes of your family. In this module I show you how to tweak the recipes to open up hundreds of new possibilities. I expect your children will want to get involved with this too so I've included my guidance, and tips of the trade on how to encourage their involvement in a safe, productive (and tidy) way

Our friendly Facebook group is the ideal place to share ideas and problems to help you stay inspired. I'll be posting challenges and updates there to keep everyone involved. 

I've got a special price for EARLY BIRDS and I'd love to share it with you! 

If you'd like to be first on my list to find out more about this super package, then sign up here. 
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